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Why It's Better To Wear Underwear Than Going Commando

18 May 2021

Although you think that having ample space and a cool breeze is healthy for your package, well, think again.

Underwear is an essential part of our daily lives and should never be overlooked. Despite the undoubtable importance of underwear, many people claim to "go commando" out of laziness and claim that it's cheaper and more comfortable than putting on underwear. This idea is simply untrue and wearing underwear is important for many reasons. Today we are going to debunk this myth with these key reasons why it's better to wear underwear than go commando. 

Comfort in Underwear

Wearing underwear can make you feel more comfortable as you go about your day. One of the main reasons you should always wear underwear is that it reduces chafing when your skin rubs up against other materials. If you are going commando, you are at risk for chafing/skin irritation because you are putting no barrier between your skin and other materials it comes into contact with. 

Certain materials like denim can be very uncomfortable if you don't have the protective layer that underwear provides. Underwear provides necessary comfort and protection from chafing and that lack of protection could cause serious problems down the line. Chafing can be extremely uncomfortable and can quickly ruin your day. 

Hygiene with Underwear

When you take off your clothes at the end of the day, it's extremely likely that there are bacteria and/or dirt accumulated on them. Underwear allows you to keep your pants from directly touching your body in sensitive areas so that they can air out and stay clean longer. If you go commando, staying clean is impossible because nothing is separating your pants from your skin. 

It is also much easier to wash your underwear rather than washing your pants after every use which saves time and is more hygienic. Underwear protects you from dangerous bacteria present in the materials of your pants that you may not be aware of. Choosing to go commando can result in unsightly hygienic issues and can cause a plethora of health problems. 

Functionality of Underwear

Underwear serves a highly functional purpose in our daily activities. It allows you to stay active for longer periods of time because you stay comfortable and clean for longer, as discussed above. If you are an active person or someone who enjoys playing sports, underwear will help you to perform better and increase your stamina.

For example, if you are someone who enjoys endurance running, having the right pair of underwear will make a world of difference in your performance. 

Having to worry about going commando can greatly distract from the activities we do every day and you may find yourself becoming fatigued quickly if you go this route.  Underwear is a crucial part of comfortably getting through a long day. 

Best Underwear Options

There are many types of underwear on the market, but the clear winners are bamboo underwear and boxers. Bamboo underwear is very durable and comfortable, but also very breathable. It also offers the most protection against chafing out of any other type of underwear. Bamboo is a natural material that is highly moisture-resistant and provides the highest level of comfort throughout your day. Boxer briefs are also very comfortable and are the best option for athletic use. 

Bamboo underwear is also a more sustainable option in terms of environmental impact. Each pair requires less water to produce in comparison with standard cotton underwear. Bamboo underwear is priced very reasonably in relation to their competitors and yet provides so much more than underwear made from other materials. Bamboo is by far the best choice for underwear and offers the most benefits in terms of hygiene and practicality.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why it's better to wear underwear than go commando as we have explored. There are health, comfort, and practical issues that are all major factors in the discussion of why you should always be wearing underwear. While some may argue that going commando is the right choice, it is clear that this is a myth and that wearing underwear is the clear winner. 

Bamboo underwear is a great choice for comfortable and breathable boxers that will last you a long time. If you're unsure of which underwear is right for you, give bamboo a try and you will be pleasantly surprised by its many benefits. 

Words by Hannah Remington


18 May 2021

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18 May 2021
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