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Top 5 travel destinations in the pandemic  

20 Aug 2021

If you are the type of person who usually books a flight to a new destination at least once a year, you've probably imagined a lot of destinations during the quarantine. After months of being cooped up at home, you're probably wondering how to satisfy your wanderlust. With the increase of people getting vaccinated, more borders are slowly easing their travel restrictions. Ease on travel restrictions also means that you get to travel. To get you started, we've listed some of the best places to travel.


Landscape at Malta harbor  showing the ships docked and buildings on land

Found along the Mediterranean, Malta is probably one of the first places you must see after getting vaccinated. After months of staying indoors, you can finally get your much-needed Vitamin D and Vitamin Sea along the shores of Malta. In addition, they can provide you with several aquatic and outdoor activities like diving, paddle boarding, diving, and trekking, just to name a few. More than that, Malta had shown outstanding performance during the pandemic. They have the lowest number of COVID-19 severe cases. Additionally, they are one of the pioneers of recognizing vaccine passports. This allows them to welcome travellers minus the quarantine.

The Azores

Scenic picture of a waterfall covered with greenery on all sides at Azores

If you are looking to unwind and revitalize your body in the mountains, the Azores is the place to be. You will be welcomed by many trees in their rainforest and even enjoy some trekking to stretch those legs. Plus, you get to fill your lungs with an abundance of fresh air, which will significantly decrease your stress levels. Furthermore, travelling to the Azores is hassle-free. As long as you tested negative within 72 hours before your departure, Azores will welcome you with open arms. Additionally, you are not required to wear your mask with the amount of space you can distance yourself from other travellers.


Palm tree near a waterbody with big rocks

Located along the picturesque Caribbean Sea is Martinique, which is part of the single territorial collectivity of France. Visiting Martinique could be the best and worst decision you'll ever make. Your eyes will be feasting on some of the most breathtaking landscapes it has ever seen to the point that you wouldn't ever want to go back home. More than that, your tastebuds will also be taken on a gastronomic adventure since Martinique is known to be one of the best destinations for a gourmet experience. What's even truly amazing about Martinique is how you wouldn't have to go to quarantine as long as you test negative from COVID-19 72 hours before your flight.


Sunlight peeking through the Melissani cave in Greece

Seated on the beautiful island of Greece is Asos. If you are looking to take your senses into a wild adventure of great food, crystal-clear sea, and endless blue sky, you have to book your flight to Asos right now. They also have a rich culture and heritage of their fishing industry. You could also visit their famous Melissani Cave, which was named one of Greece's most beautiful natural treasures. For vaccinated travellers, there is no need to get tested for COVID-19, which will surely give you more time to explore the island. For those who are not vaccinated, as long as they test negative from their PCR which is performed 72 hours before they arrive, they can go and enjoy the island.


Layers of mountains with a river and trees

Discover the beautiful town of Cavtat found in Croatia. You'llYou'll surely make up for all the time you spent at home once you visit Cavtat. They can offer travellers some of the most exquisite experiences they can ever have. Seeing Cavtat is like a one-stop-shop if you are looking for a place that will not only offer you some of the most beautiful views but also the riches cultural heritage you can ever find. They can even provide you with a local tour guide to make the most out of your visit. Above all that, there is no need to get tested for COVID-19 if you're already vaccinated. This makes Cavtat even more attractive to tourists.

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Words by Larissa Bogato

20 Aug 2021
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