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The Top 10-Coolest Pocket Knives

24 Aug 2021

As one of the oldest tools ever made, knives have served men in various events and situations. While your ever-reliable kitchen piece can cut through a range of meats, fruits, and vegetables, you can't expect it to serve you much for purposes that do not involve food preparation. Developed to perform numerous tasks, pocket knives can be your gadget of choice when it comes to fulfilling survivalist actions such as opening cans, splitting firewood, cutting rope, and building a temporary shelter. Still, each pocket knife differs which is why critical factors are to be considered when you're making a selection.

With the blade's length and thickness, as well as the quality of the handle, in mind, here are the 10 coolest pocket knives that can help you cut through anything in one way or another.

The 10 Coolest Pocket Knives

Along with its amazing function and the materials it is made of, the design says a lot about what makes a pocket knife cool or not. Since what makes a piece nifty varies greatly, we went under these awesome knives to break down which should hold a place in your pockets.

CRKT Provoke

Knife with a beak like edge against a black background

Designed to be a fast action tactical karambit, the CRKT Provoke features an amazing Kinematic folding action that allows it to play a low profile in our pockets. Equipped with a D2 blade that greatly resembles a hawk's bill and neatly encased in a 6061-T6 aluminum frame, this stylish piece that opens forward may be one of the most appealing knives that you'll ever lay your eyes and hands on, ever.

Spyderco Yojimbo 2

Tactical knife with a black handle and black steel body

Often regarded for its extraordinary lines and remarkable design, this wonderful piece features a striking thumb hole and thumb ramp that separates it from other knives. Outfitted with a specially-shaped Wharncliffe blade, it offers an excellent tactical function that allows it to effortlessly perform a range of tasks. Along with a comfortable and easy-to-grip G-10 handle, you can slash your way through almost anything with either a glove or your bare hands. Safety features include a jiggle-friendly compression lock, ensuring that you don't cut holes in your pocket as well as anything in between.

Microtech Combat Troodon

Combat knife in back color

Known to craft knives from nothing but high-quality materials, the Combat Troodon is an OTF automatic hunk that features an array of incredible blade shapes and finishes. Available in rare themes and colors, this well-built tool no doubt makes the cut in both style and function.

Benchmade 87 Ti Balisong

Sleek knife with titanium handles

Armed with a CPM-S30V blade and accompanied by thrust bearing and washers and titanium handles, this pocket butterfly knife is one of the sleekest flippers available. Along with a reliable magnetic latch, this well-balanced and consistent knife with origins in the Philippines allows you to complete cutting tasks with accuracy.

Zero Tolerance 0393 Glow

Knife with glow in the dark handle

Just when you thought that a carbon fiber titanium ZT knife was cool enough, along comes a carbon fiber titanium ZT knife that glows in the dark. A solid folding knife with a uniquely shaped blade, extremely smooth action, and a lightweight frame, this dagger is the closest you can get to a real-life lightsaber.

Magnum's Boker Mermaid

Multi Colored knife  with rainbow colors

With the fascinating image of a mermaid on the spine of this attractive cutter, you know that this could possibly be the holy grail of cool pocket knives. Well-crafted from good quality stainless steel, this lovely little mermaid would hands-down make your collection complete.

Buck Model 110 Folding Hunter

Knife with ebony and brass bolsters

Any list wouldn't sound full without the presence of a classic. As one of the standards when it comes to pocket knives, this all-time favorite boasts of a large 3.75-inch blade that makes skinning and butchering as casual as a first date.

SOG Terminus XR LTE Pocket Knife

Simple black knife with black handle

Made from premium materials, its carbon fiber overlays and weight-shaving liners make this awesome piece one of the lightest knives you'll ever meet. Featuring a highly durable drop-point blade and superior CPM-S35VN steel, this classy tactical piece is excellent for any cutting task without a question.

Defiance Tools Utility Knife

Red pocket army knife with multiple blades

Although it may seem like something you'd use to slash open a box, this small tool sure packs a kick and a punch. Furnished with a hex drive, saw blade, screwdriver bits, steady jackknife blade, and an LED flashlight, it guarantees to get you going and cutting, day and night.

Defender-Xtreme Native American Folding Knife

Colorful knife with designs on the handle

Spring-assisted and unquestionably attractive, it comes with a durable stainless steel blade that can get any cutting job done. Featuring a handsomely designed shaft that offers a comfortable and excellent grip, this flexible knife is the perfect tool to carry around in your pocket.

Whether it is for that long-planned camping trip or as a weapon of choice for the zombie apocalypse, a pocket knife will always be one of the most useful tools in your arsenal. Although it all boils down to preference, you know that what you really need and want is a reliable blade to cut, open, and slice anytime you need one.

Words by Bryan Jeffrey

24 Aug 2021
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