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The Story of the Everyday T-Shirt

02 Aug 2021

Creating the Everyday T-Shirt, together

What started off a discussion is now a product. That’s what happens when the Tribe gets together to come up with innovative suggestions and give inputs to get a great product made. This is how it began for the Everyday T-Shirt. 

Genuine curiosity on what men like to wear on an everyday basis was what set off these discussions and debates on what works and what would not. With the conversations going on, the end goal was clear: to find out what makes great comfort. That feeling when you have something on but you feel like you don’t.. 

Image a topless model wearing a TBô underwear

Bamboo T-shirts?

TBô was already offering bamboo boxers, bamboo briefs and bamboo trunks so why not bring the same comfort of bamboo to the upper parts of the body too?

It started off as a discussion thread with the results of a survey conducted to understand the needs for an everyday t-shirt. The votes showed TBô what to focus on other than the comfort, of course. The plan was to fit a straight body giving the man a comfortable yet professional fit. Not too tight, not too over-sized. Just the right cut to show off those man-curves. 

Image of the TBô Bamboo T-Shirt

Once the structure was discussed, a large part of it was done with. The Tribe then started discussing what colors it would come in. The usual suspects were grey, black or white. The votes again poured in for the grey T-Shirt, the color and design was absolutely loved by the tribe with several up-votes. Then it was time for the fabric and the Tribe knew their favorite already - the ultra soft, silky and breathable bamboo fabric! No surprises there. However, some alternatives like modal, cotton, recycled polyesters were given a serious thought but discarded for the superior bamboo comfort. 

The most comfortable Everyday T-Shirt

Careful listening and understanding of the needs of the Tribe were all that was required from TBô’s end. Each of the products goes through four stages with designing, funding, production and availability and the invisible fifth stage of production being the actual wearing part. It’s been rumored that it is hard to take off once you put it on because of the oh-so-comfortable feel! But here’s a serious suggestion: wash it, at least once in a while! 

What makes the Everyday T-Shirt so special? 

It is antimicrobial, it’s made of bamboo and chitosan which are two naturally occurring antibacterial materials. Suitable for a work from home setting because it looks good on video calls.  The perfect workday would have you wear the Everyday T-Shirt + TBô Bamboo underwear. Who cares what’s below the work table anyway? Apart from that, it’s suitable for you to take your dog out for a walk or just chill with your friends at a barbecue. Sincere suggestion to wear something other than the bamboo tee and bamboo underwear on the last two occasions! 

Image of model wearing the TBô Bamboo Everyday T-Shirt

While the color available now is only the Smokey Dark Grey color, there is some serious demand from the Tribe for more colors and that is something that’s being worked on right now. You can join the discussion here and give your suggestions.  You can also check out the collection here and get one for yourself!

Fun Fact 

There’s also a small hidden message at the edge of the sleeve!

02 Aug 2021
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