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How To Celebrate St. Patricks Day in 2021

12 Mar 2021

How I am going to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day This year!

I haven't left my living room much over the last year, and when I look around it I am haunted by green, emerald green in particular. Everything reminds me of St Patrick's day, and how I’m not going to be in an overcrowded pub drinking green beer as lairy crowds of people breathe heavily in tight spaces.

My plants who have now been adopted as my children, grow lush green leaves taunting me. The neighbour has started painting her house, green. Even audio is reminding me, as Oh Green World from the Gorillaz seems to be playing on loop in my mind.

I have always been blessed to be surrounded by Irish people, my sister-in-law, a boss, any number of colleagues and my best mate … Patrick (I’m not joking). Now I’m not Irish, but March 17th day has always been a special time for me. Some of my best moments have been on this date, surrounded by my mates, so this year I am trying to work out how I can celebrate my favourite holiday, surrounded by my plants instead of at my local bar.

First things first we need to get in the spirit.

What are you going to need?

  • Green Food colouring for…
  • Green Spaghetti
  • Green Beer
  • Netflix Logins
  • A harp (just kidding)
  • Lucky Charms Cereal
  • Irish Whiskey

As soon as you wake up, go directly to the source, Ireland. This year's St Patrick’s Day festival will be held virtually from the 12 - 17th of March. The theme this year is “Awaken Ireland”, I’m not certain Ireland has been asleep but I’m grateful for the reminder.

The festival programming has everything from yoga to “slow looking art” which sounds both delightful and something which might prevent Ireland from “awakening”. All the programming repeats till the 21st, so you can enjoy that post hangover.

It doesn't matter what it is, green it.

Amazon: 2 Pack BlueX LED Candle Green Light Bulb

This is the one time of year where stereotyping is welcomed, it's an Irish holiday and we make everything green at this time of year. These lightbulbs are reasonably priced and are both green, as well as “green” which will save the planet and make your skin colour tricky for selfies.

Making your food green is another great way of getting into the spirit of things. You can find all sorts of food dyes from your local store, which are great for that classic Irish meal Spaghetti o’Bolognese. Don't forget to green your beer!

If you are keen to get a little more hands on and natural, and let's be honest we have the time, you can make your food green using this nifty trick.

Let’s be honest, today has a lot to do with drinking

This is not going to be what you think it is, time to go running!

Image source:

Yes, we know the booze is coming so we’ll need to get a few laps in to settle ourselves for the inevitable beers. In Belfast, each year they do a 10km (6,2 miles) to celebrate St Patrick’s day. This year however they’re taking the run to the world. So grab a mask, a run tracker, and do your 6.2 miles. Not only will this help your health out a little, but part of your entry fee will go to charity

If you can't go out, settle in with some content!

Now let's get to it, let's settle in to some solid Irish tv!

There are so many great Irish classics, so it will be tricky keeping the list down, but we got all night so we’ll find you some real bangers.

We’ll get going with some classic Guinness Ads, something to warm the cockles of your sweet Irish heart. Either that or we can just laugh at when the world was living in 144p

Next we’ll hit a classic with Father Ted which is currently available on Amazon. Father Ted is an everlasting joy to behold, and regardless of time remains a firm favourite in any household.

Go on, go on, go on, go on, you know you want to.

We up the comedy ante with the hilarious stand up comedian and Black Books actor, Dylan Moran doing his best, insulting the English.

Finally we’ll hit it hard and heavy with the Scorsese classic, and obvious choice for this list, The Irishman. Grab yourself some popcorn and follow those famous Irishmen Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci, in this incredible film.

Drunk crying is an essential ingredient to a successful St Patrick’s day.

Really, the only thing that matters on a day like St Patrick’s are your friends and family. Most of all I’ll miss being surrounded by the people I love as we sing songs, wrap our inebriated arms around each other and tell them that we love them.

It’s times like these that we need to make extra effort to remind our loved ones what they mean to us. So as you raise your glass, toast those who are no longer with us, and those who are. It is of course, the Irish way.


Words by Brett Rogers

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12 March 2021


12 Mar 2021
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