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How To Accept Hair Loss

24 Mar 2021

It’s not as bad as you think and in fact, it’s not a bad thing at all!

Have you been noticing hairs on your pillows recently or months together? 

Or perhaps seeing hair in your hairbrush daily? 

If your answer is ‘yes’, no need to panic at all. When you notice hair fall out for the first time in your life, negative emotions will flare-up. 

One important thing which you need to understand is that hair loss is not a disease. Hair loss occurs in men and women across the world, which is not a dreadful thing at all. The issue gets intensified when a person crosses the age of 35 or forty. Age factor is a common cause of hair loss among men across. 

Age factor aside, other reasons like diseases, medications, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle can be responsible for hair loss, depending on where and how it is falling out. 

Gone are the days when bald people worried a lot without any solution. Modern times have offered us the ability to treat hair loss to some degree which can reduce your panic.

Why is hair loss not that bad and is it treatable?

If you suffer from a hair loss issue, don’t panic. Instead, be calm and keep a cool mindset. There are multiple ways available to cope with the hair loss problem.

Let me give you some methods or ways to overcome hair loss with some relative comfort. 

Hairstyle change

The flatting hairstyle is an exemplary solution and keeps you more confident without focusing on hair loss.

Hairstyles you can follow

You can adopt a shorter hairstyle which will make your hair loss less apparent. 

The secret is to keep the side of your head extremely short relative to the top of your head which will create the illusion that your hair is thinning a lot less than it is in reality. This works best earlier in the hair loss process.

Shaved head

You can choose to shave your head early or very late in the hair loss process. This really depends on your confidence level. Some guys are indifferent when it comes to having a shaved head so very often, when they see the first sign of thinning hair, they will just shave it and never worry about it ever again. 

But most men will be less bold and will most likely try to hang on for as long as possible. I will admit that I was one of them. I hung on to my hair as long as humanly possible until I started looking a bit too much like friar tuck.

At this point, I bit the bullet and decided that I would probably look better with buzzed hair, and oddly enough...I looked great! 

I was always concerned that women would really care that I have no hair, but the truth is, most women won’t really care. And if they are the type that won’t accept you for who you are, then what is the point?

I’d like to also say that there are some women that actually LOVE guys with a shaved head. It is the preference. And luckily enough, there are many very attractive women that like it. 

Hollywood has many stars like Jason Statham, The Rock, Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis and plenty of others that sport the bald look well and have given the masses a taste of how cool it can be.

So especially if you’re a good looking chap, with some muscle, there is no reason you should be afraid to buzz your head when the time comes. It helps to look at the confident bald men in pop culture to give you that boost you will need to get it done.


Is it possible to distract people from your thinning hair or shaved head?


How can you accomplish this?

  • Wear accessories such as watches, jewelry and even louder clothing. 
  • Get that hat collection going. Finding the right hat can help frame your face and give you a really cool look. They will give you so many options that you will never get bored of hunting for the next outfit when you go out. And again, many women will find this stylish and attractive. 
  • Be professional in your look by wearing suits and ties. This attire gives you more confidence and also improves your energy. The professional dressing takes the attention away from your hair.
  • Try growing facial hair stylishly following a regular pattern. You could see many men on the road having facial hair giving a romantic and young look. These men, even though bald, sport an energetic look. 

Immediate results through the non-surgical solution

Are wigs still a thing?

Don’t worry. The wigs I am going to talk about aren’t the ones that will blow away when there is a little gust of wind.

No, the wigs I speak of are the modern, high level wigs that could actually cost a pretty penny (anywhere from $300 - $1000). However, the end result is quite impressive.

The wigs nowadays are made from high quality materials and if applied properly, it can be very hard to tell it’s not real. The average person will not be able to tell. 

You can even exercise in it! The higher quality wigs are breathable and do not cause any damage to your scalp. The glue that is used is organic and it’s application can last many weeks or longer.

It will feel like you have real hair and you really don’t to worry about much. 

Of course this option is only relevant for men with a much later stage of baldness where this is the only alternative to shaving your head if you want to change your look.

Medical Routes:


If you feel embarrassed about your hair loss, it is better to consult an experienced doctor. He could save you from the disaster by giving you some recovery measures that suit your health. 

Try the medications prescribed by the doctor with confidence such as Rogaine or Finasteride. 

Rogaine is used more for preventative use so it is good for slowing down hair loss. It is usually a cream or foam that is applied to your scalp, twice a day usually. But it depends on the amount and doses so always consult your physician before.

I will admit that for me, Rogaine DID work. I started losing my hair early, at 18. I started using Rogaine late, at about 25 years old. However, I didn’t have to shave my head until I was 35! So I do believe that this long process was thanks to Rogaine.


This is another powerful oral option that your doctor will suggest. It has had some history of side effects so once again, see if it works for you with your doctor.

In my experience, I chose to avoid this drug since it can have some invasive side effects that I just didn’t want to take the chance. These side effects can sometimes be sex related or hormone related and since I did sports quite intensely, I didn’t want to risk it.


You can try the hair transplantation technique for your hair loss problem after consulting your doctors. Many bald customers have got lush hair on their heads after the hair transplantation technique.

  • Join some online community or group to set realistic expectations. Many online group chats discuss hair regrowth, baldness, and solutions especially. You may discuss with them and get some ideas for your problems. 
  • You can also google your questions about hair loss. The latest findings, researches, and solutions found will help you a lot. There are plenty of results found online about hair loss and recovery measures to cope with your dreams.


The above discussion clearly states that you have many options in your life for the hair loss issue. There is nothing to panic about because modern recovery measures can keep your expectations in check. 

You can reap the benefits of the techniques as stated above. Enjoy life without any worries about your hair loss because it’s not worth it! It’s just hair! It doesn’t affect your personality and in most cases (unless you are a model), your career. 

Words by Sathish Varsh

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24 March 2021

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