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7 Tips On Dressing While Working From Home

11 Aug 2021

Being able to work from home has been done for a long time. But nowadays, people are choosing their living rooms over their public offices. It's hard to deny just how safe and convenient it is to work from home. Plenty of men can benefit from this career structure because it saves time, energy, and money.

One of the freedoms you get from working from home is the ability to wear whatever you want. You can say goodbye to corporate uniforms and attires. But people fail to understand that a good outfit can increase your productivity and esteem. So here are 7 tips on what to wear when working from home. These are the best ways to stay efficient without being a fashion disaster.

Dress in What Makes You Comfortable 

Image of a man in pyjamas on bed

You're working from home, one of the coziest places on Earth. So nothing should stop you from wearing something clean and comfy. In most cases, you're working by yourself. Nobody is there to judge your mismatched socks or your dollar store shirt. So dress in a way that makes you feel in tune with your body.

Overdresssing is Highly Optional 

Image of man on chair comfortably working

It can be tempting to put on your newest polo shirt or your best jacket while on a call with co-workers. But unlike in-person meetings, your outfit won't make you stand out. Your camera would probably be focusing on your face 90% of the time. So don't go overboard in trying to look dapper when nobody can even notice what you have below your neck.

Make Sure You Groom Yourself Too

Grooming goes hand=in-hand with dressing yourself up. You may have the cleanest fit in the room, but you won't feel good when you look like you just got out of bed. Take the time to wash your face, shave your beard, and brush your teeth. Your face is going to be seen every time you hop on Zoom or Google Meet. So you might as well try not to look like a zombie.

Go with Something Casual

Most of the time, you don't need to look fancy and extravagant when in front of the camera. Plenty of your communication with co-workers will be done through texting and emailing. And if a video call is necessary, we're sure they won't mind if you're wearing your favorite Marvel shirt for the third time in a row. That's the beauty of working from home. Your outfit becomes the least of your worries. So if you're joining a casual meeting, then don't be scared of going casual as well.

Save the Formal Outfits for Important Video Conferences

Image of man working in formal clothes

There are times that you do need to pull out your best shirt, though. You may be working from home, but that should not stop you from looking your best when talking with important people. Whether you're giving a lecture to future clients or you're reciting a speech for a college, dress for the occasion, you don't have to worry about what your bottoms look like. You can get away with an ironed shirt, a simple necktie, and a pearly white smile.

Remember to Change and Wash your Clothes

Lastly, don't forget to change your clothes and regularly wash them. Working from home can make people forget to do basic things, like bathing and doing chores. But they are still necessary for your health and appearance. You'll benefit from regularly changing your attire and laundering any dirty clothes. Sure, nobody else can smell you while you work. But your personal hygiene still matters, and getting sick can really hinder your productivity. 

Use High-Quality Underwear

Image of men in bamboo underwear

You can wear whatever you want on top, be it a high-end pajama set or a simple bathrobe. But trust us when we say that you need to wear some high-quality underwear. Imagine sitting for hours in subpar underwear that collects all your sweat and grime. Ew! If you want to feel like a boss at home, wear something breathable and pleasant. Bamboo underwear or cotton underwear can do the trick for a lot of guys.

Your attire can play a role in your creativity and productivity. Even if you are working from home, the outfit you wear still matters greatly. Wearing something neat, simple, and comfy can make your work-at-home setup go from good to great.

Words by Athena Perez

11 Aug 2021
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