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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Quality Underwear

26 Apr 2021

Why you should choose the type of underwear you wear very carefully because it does make a difference daily quality of life

It's far too easy for anyone to just pay a visit to their department store and grab a 5-pack of generic underwear. Especially for most men, who like to keep their shopping trips short and concise. 

However, the generic underwear that you buy will likely not serve you well, or for very long. A quality pair of undergarments will not only last you for much longer, but the experience of wearing them will be one of comfort, style, and durability. 

A lot of men don't know what they're missing out on.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose quality underwear.

  1. Comfort
  2. Cut
  3. Style
  4. Coloring
  5. Material


One of the most paramount objectives for your trunks is to prioritize comfort for whoever is wearing them. The fabric and materials that the article is made out of play a huge part in how it feels to put them on. Cheap pairs of underwear typically use low quality cotton with slightly rough textures, or non breathable polyester that feel like they're suffocating your goods.

On the other hand, drawers that are actually smooth to the touch and feel extremely comfortable to wear are usually made of bamboo. Coming from the hard and tall grass, bamboo fabric is a very soft and velvety material to make clothes out of. 

Often compared to the softness and luxurious feel of silk, it's no wonder that underwear made from bamboo offers stellar comfort and insulation. The soft fabric will protect the delicate skin of your nether regions, while also giving it plenty of room to breathe.

Insert photo: Choose anything a TBo underwear photo where the model is outdoors (if you can find it) or go on and find maybe some guy scratching his parts through his pants while he is outside

Don't you hate it when your underwear sticks to your bits during hot days?

Bamboo underwear stops your skin from getting uncomfortable sweaty, as the fiber is very good at absorbing moisture. It not only absorbs more quickly and effectively, it dries quicker too, thanks to an effect called moisture wicking that comes natural to bamboo. 

The right cut and style

The material your undergarments are crafted from play a huge role in how they feel. But underwear crafted from the finest material won't do you much good if it's ill fitting or does not match your body type. There are actually a variety of different types, or 'cuts' of men's underwear designed to comfortably fit the unique situation men have in their lower areas. 

These are the more well known kinds of cuts and styles for men's underwear. 

  1. Briefs - Briefs are designed to fit men with more narrow hips. The elastic waistband on this one is not the most stretchable, because briefs strive for a tighter look on whoever is wearing them. Some of the fabric covers the upper portion of your thighs, though barely. Most of the fabric goes to shielding your behind, while also covering and accentuating the man's package. Definitely not a bad choice, though larger men may find them constricting and perhaps too tight. You'll know your briefs are not a good fit if you find yourself having to constantly readjust the elastic band because it is imprinting itself onto your skin.

  1. Boxer briefs - These two are a hybrid of the two undergarments on the opposite side of the underwear spectrum. Where briefs are meant to be tight to show off your package and a lot more skin, boxers offer much more freedom and space. Not only for your goods, but also for your upper leg, seeing as the fabric of these do not cling to your skin. Boxer briefs strike a balance between the two. Your package would still be emphasized without having to worry about it being too tight for you to be comfortable. 

  1. Trunks - Made with less fabric than boxers, trunks are for the guys who want to show off their legs, while sacrificing some of the flowy freedom from its boxer relative. Not to be confused with the ones used for swimming, trunks also look a lot more modern than the briefs, and may feel more comfortable as well, for the men with wider hips. There's also a pouch in the trunks similar to the boxer briefs specifically to cradle your package. They keep their elasticity for a long while. 

Not usually associated with men's underwear, but there is lingerie meant specifically for intimate moments that men can wear. Thongs and g strings offer little to no coverage, because they are basically made of tiny bands of fabric that you put on, with the tiniest bit of cloth covering your most important part. Then again, that's the point of wearing them. Definitely not practical for sports or going outside, unless you like to live dangerously! 

Colors to choose from

Although briefs are affectionately referred to as 'tighty wighties' they are not locked into that one color. You're expected to incorporate style and color into your clothes, so why not extend that to your underwear as well? You'll feel more confident if you're comfortable and actually enjoy the style of what you're wearing beneath your pants. Higher quality underwear lines offer fun patterns and colors, so choosing ones you enjoy from a few different lines is definitely a prudent move.

The pouch cut

Quality underwear's biggest priority is making sure that your genitals are covered and comfortable. Having a good pouch cut to accommodate your parts is all part of a good fit. When you purchase underwear, make sure that the pouch is not stiff and is made of material that won't be uncomfortable for your delicate skin to be pressed up against. There are different types of pouch cuts too, like ones that enhance the appearance of your package from the outside. Or there are the anatomically correct ones that are loose, designed specifically to give your package some space.


Underwear should not be a regular item in your shopping list. Quality pairs should be able to endure multiple washes in your machine, even on the rougher settings. Cheap briefs and underwear tend to begin falling apart after their tenth wash. Although it's good to have multiple pairs of underwear, you'll put your mind and lower regions at ease knowing that you own several durable pairs that will last you for quite a while. Underwear made from bamboo fabric is very durable and resilient, just like most things made from the pulp of the fast growing grass.


There are many benefits to choosing quality underwear over cheap ones that come in packs. From the material and supportive cut, to even the little things like style that boils down to your own preference. You definitely don't have a lack of choices when you opt to treat yourself to better underwear. 

Words by Joshua Forest Olarte

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26 April 2021

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