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5 Healthy Day Snacks For Men

31 Mar 2021

These 5 healthy day snacks are key to a man’s health, especially after the age of 35

After crossing the age of 35, men start experiencing natural signs of aging which calls for a few additions to the regular diet when it comes to staying energetic and youthful. 

What comes to the rescue is some decadent snacks that work just right in today's busy lifestyle, especially when you don't have enough time to prepare a proper meal.

However, many snacks available out there are loaded with artificial sugar and refined carbs that only make you feel hungrier and craving for more. 

The key is to go for snacks that are nutritious and promote fullness. While there are a whole bunch of treats you can choose from, below are 5 healthy day snacks that are not only easy-to-grab, but also delicious at the same time.

The Significance of Snacking to Maintain High Energy and Staying Healthy

Eating a yummy snack between the chief meals works wonders in helping you curb your hunger so that you don't end up eating a lot when you hit the dinner table after a long day. 

Additionally, snacking also helps in providing the body with all the essential nutrients that you may not get with regular meals. And that's why, it's an amazing idea to have a few healthy snack options on hand to satisfy your in-between meal cravings.

Snacks that are rich in fiber, healthy fats, and protein play a key role in keeping your energy levels up. The fact that these nutrients call for more time to digest, they keep you fuller for several hours. 

Having snacks not only prevents you from overeating, but also add some extra flavor to your day, and fight a whole spectrum of diseases and health conditions that your body becomes vulnerable to after hitting 35.

The 5 Healthy Day Snacks For Men To Stay Healthy After 35

Whether you love some nuttiness or are fond of having some creamy brunch-time treats, these 5 snacks have got you covered.


Oatmeal is one of the healthiest snacks you can savor after crossing the age of 35. The fact that oatmeal is all about complex carbs makes it help in keeping you full, that too without increasing your blood sugar levels. 

At the same time, it's an amazing source of fiber - research suggests that consuming more fiber helps you shed those extra pounds and keep them off. Some may think of oatmeal as a breakfast-only deal, but a nice bowl of oats also works as a hearty all-day snack.

The soluble fiber presented in oats reduces bad LDL cholesterol levels by sticking to cholesterol and preventing your body from absorbing it. That's why, if you are suffering from high cholesterol, it's a good idea to grab some delicious oats daily. 

To make things more convenient, you can keep a packet of unsweetened oatmeal at your work-desk or prepare them overnight.


Beans are one of the most nutritious forms of plant proteins that constitute a rich blend of essential amino acids as well as fibers. 

Both soluble and insoluble fiber content present in beans eliminates the risk of cardiovascular problems and diabetes. Plus, the low index of glyceamine makes sure your blood sugar levels don't experience a rapid rise after a meal. 

Thanks to the constituting proteins, beans also assist in maintaining the vitality of your hair and skin.

Other healthy nutrients in beans, including Magnesium, Folate, and Thiamine work wonders in helping you maintain increased energy levels and a healthy immune system. 

Treating yourself with beans avoids premature greying of hair, canker sores, anemia, and more. They ensure an optimal transportation of potassium and calcium in the body in a way that assists the contraction of the heart and muscles, thereby protecting against numerous age-related mental function problems.

Mixed Nuts

Nuts are a yummy and healthy snack, and you don't really need to avoid them if you are a weight-watcher even though they are high in fat content. They minimize the risk of heart diseases, and are a wonderful source of natural fats. 

The high-filling nature of mixed nuts ensures that a handful of them won't make you hungry again soon. Almonds are rich in healthy fats, proteins, and fiber, playing a key role in improving your heart health and losing some belly fat.

Even walnuts are an incredible source of antioxidants while being known for their Vitamin E and Melatonin. These compounds not only prevent several age-concerning deterioration, but also slow down the process of ageing. 

Walnuts protect your body against metabolic syndrome and minimize the chances of prostate cancer. 

Lastly, omega-3 in nuts prevents cardiovascular ailments.


Berries are loaded with healthy anthocyanins and flavonoids, while containing more than 4,000 compounds exhibiting antioxidant properties. 

Making these juicy, low-calorie treats a part of your snacking also maintains a healthy brain function as you age. Whether it's blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, or even cherries - all minimize the risk of cancer, while blueberries inhibit inflammation.

In fact, those little blue yummies also help in preventing the growth of cancer cells in your body, according to studies. You can have frozen strawberries or black raspberries to prevent cancer of the oesophagus by 70 percent, while reducing the risks of colon cancer by 80 percent. 

It's easy to add them to your snacking routine - simply have them straight, or consider adding them to cereals, yogurt or salads. Some also love making a nice smoothie of mixed berries for breakfast or an evening dose of refreshment combined with health.


Yogurt is wonderful for filling nutritional gaps. 

Often people forget having snacks that are loaded with calcium and healthy fiber - having yogurt with fruit is going to keep you feeling full and make sure you have healthy digestion. 

You can go for plain yogurt and blend in your choice of fruits for natural sweetness. 

Whole milk yogurt is also a great choice as latest studies suggest that it's not true that fat free is the healthiest.

For more protein, you can go for Greek yogurt for double the amount of protein as compared to plain yogurt. Per cup constitutes around 20 grams of protein, while also being rich in calcium and improving bone health. 

It's a perfect snack for times when you want to treat yourself with something creamy. At the same time, it offers your body with a good dose of potassium, zinc, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. 

For an added texture, you can always add some granola to your yogurt cups and make them even healthier.

Words by Arjun Thakur

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