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10 First Date Tips for Men to Earn a 2nd Date

04 May 2021

A first date is important since first impressions matter, and of course, you want that second date

Congratulations! You have gathered your courage and asked the gorgeous girl out, and she agreed, and now you are preparing to go on your first date with her.

I am assuming that you are planning to get a girlfriend, and thus you want to impress her and turn the first date into a second and a couple more.

I have compiled some dating advice from experts (and ladies) so that you can learn how to hold her interest, keep her entertained, turn her on, and make her really want to see you again and again.

Here are the best first date tips to keep in mind;

1.   Dress to Impress

When girls agree to go on a date, they start planning in advance on what to wear so that they can look their best.

Why? Because she wants to feel confident in her appearance and make you see the best in her. So, why would you want to dress casually without any consideration?

Of course, you don't have to spend hours getting ready, but you should take some time to choose an outfit that makes you look and feel great and do the basics- shower, shave and spritz some nice-smelling cologne.

In terms of outfit, you can wear something like dark jeans, a bright t-shirt, complementing blazer, and finish the look with a pair of nice-looking loafers. This will make you look put-together without looking too casual or too formal.

Remember that your appearance does count, especially if you are meeting each other for the first time- your first impression matters a lot, and it starts with your dressing and how you look. No one wants to meet someone who looks like they just rolled out of bed and picked whatever was on top of their wardrobe.

Also, another thing most men forget is to wear good underpants. Yes, your underwear can mess you up, especially when things get heated up. You want to be prepared for every scenario. That's why we would advise you to wear quality underwear that will not show your "big man" down there getting hard, especially if things start getting a little bit touchy and heated up.

A good pair of quality underwear will also help absorb sweat, especially if you will engage in an outdoor activity like cycling or walking. You don't want to embarrass yourself in front of your first date by scratching yourself down there because of being too sweaty.

In a nutshell, be attractive on the outward by dressing to impress and comfortable underneath by investing in quality underwear.

2.   Arrive On Time

As we mentioned, the first date is all about making a good impression. Therefore, by showing up on time, you will not only be demonstrating you are punctual but also respect other people's time.

You don't want to keep your date waiting for you for long. Therefore, make an effort to get to your meet-up place 15 minutes early to ensure the first date starts on a good note. This will also help you to shed off some tension you may have.

Going to date early makes you look thoughtful and well prepared. If you are engaging in an activity with your first date, say going to a movie theater, you can get in line and book your tickets. If you are going cycling, you can go pick matching bikes and book them before she arrives.

Whatever you are planning to do, have it all prepared to avoid unnecessary hiccups, and this can only be done by getting to your meet-up location early.

3.   Offer Polite Compliments

Once your date arrives, it is good to kick-start the conversation with a polite compliment. Keep your compliments simple, especially on appearance, to avoid starting your evening on the wrong note. You don't want to compliment a lady by telling her their butt looks great in those pants.

Stick to neutral compliments such as "You look really great tonight." If she doesn't seem to enjoy compliments on their appearance, you can take it a notch higher by giving a differential compliment. For example, "I like how you maintain eye contact with me" or "I can't get enough of your charming smiles."

Girls like to be shown appreciation, but you have to phrase your comment right to get them glued to you.

4.   Make Sure You Engage Her

Sure, you have to tell her about yourself, but you also need to engage her and ask her conversation-sparking questions about their hobbies and accomplishments.

You can be a boring, self-entitled person if you only talk about yourself. What will impress a lady is seeing you are showing genuine interest to hear about them and actively listening to her. In fact, the best way to keep up the conversation is to be keen on her replies and see what you have in common- and it doesn't have to be a shared opinion. It can be the opposite, such hating the same things such as raisin in potato salad, etc.

5.   Avoid Being Too Touchy

Sure, we have talked about showing interest in your date, but you shouldn't be too touchy to show it. You might think that touching your date a lot on the first date sends a favorable message that you are into them, but the truth is that what you are showing is that you're a super-touchy person- and this will make her feel uncomfortable.

On a first date, you need to limit your touches; only natural, warm, friendly touches are encouraged- not sexual. It is fine to take their hand to help them off a stair or put your hand on her lower back when guiding them through a busy restaurant, but don't touch their necks or hands when you are talking.

In other words, touching should be natural, but overdoing it will get a little weird.

6.   Have a Well-Designed Date

Another mistake many men make is failing to have a plan. If you would like to know your date and impress her, you should have a well-designed plan on how your day will look like.

Your plan should include two things;

  1. A meal. Your date doesn't expect you to take her to fancy, pricy restaurants. In fact, small, local restaurants offer the best setting for a first date as they tend to be less crowded and quieter, thereby providing a conducive, romantic environment for the two of you to talk
  1. An activity. Maintaining a conversation for several hours can be tough, which is why you should plan an activity to do together. You can go for a walk, cycle, go to a movie theatre, or play a game together

The point here is, always plan how things will go- don't go with the flow.

7.   Offer to Pay the Bill

It is a nice gesture when you, as a man, offer to treat your date, but if they want to chip in and insist that you split the bill, then you shouldn't stand in her way. When offering to pay, don't sound too shaky or bossy- it is important to get the wording and tone precise.

You don't want to appear as though you are dropping hints about splitting the bill, at least not if you would like a 2nd date.

A phrase like "I'd love if you let me treat you" shows that you are willing to pay the bill because she deserves a good treat. It also shows that it is not due to social norms or habits.

8.   Keep Cursing to a Minimum But be Flirtatious

It is important that you keep your language clean but still flirtatious. Yes, many women like bad boys, but swearing like a sailor will make you look like you are trying too hard to be cool.

Therefore, curb the cursing habit on your first date and keep your language clean and free of sex talk and slang. However, have some flirtatious statements once in a while but keep it to a minimum too to avoid sounding like many males that have a habit of turning all talks into sexual talks.

9.   Put Your Phone Away

Nothing is more annoying than having an honest conversation interrupted by calls and text message alerts. Unless you are pulling out your phone to take a selfie with your date, then be respectful and put your phone away.

If you are not expecting an important call, then put your phone on silent mode. This will help you give undivided attention to your date.

10. Be Decisive But Don't Be Bossy

Women love men who can make quick decisions. Therefore, have fresh ideas for the places you can visit and things to do on your second date. However, don't be pushy if she doesn't warm up to your ideas.

If she shows an interest in coming for a second date, that's where you bring out the ideas- she will be amazed that you have already thought of new places to visit or activities to do.

Final Words of Advice

It is important that you try to have fun and enjoy each other. After all, both of you turned up for a date because you were a little bit interested in each other.

Therefore, try to be yourself and relaxed. If she turns out to be into you, great. If not, then let go- it wasn't meant to be.

Words by Kwash Kwarol 

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5 May 2021

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04 May 2021
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